3 Effective Home Workout Exercises For Strength Gains



The good news is that there are plenty of workouts you can do at home. Choosing what’s best for your fitness plan or based on your personal goals, interest, and lifestyle is essential because it can help you stay healthy and on track.

Take a look at these popular basic workouts that you can do at home.

How To Do Lunges At Home

Lunges target and tone muscles by focusing on different angles of your lower body. It is a resistance exercise that requires you to stand up still, move one of your legs forward at a 90-degree angle, and lastly is to bend your forwarded knee halfway. Make sure that the other knee is parallel to the ground it touches. Push up your lunging knee and return to the starting position.

Other Lunge variations include walking lunge, lunge with a torso twist, side or lateral lunge, and many more. If you’re looking for a basic workout that can enhance strength and flexibility in mainly your lower body or torso, including lunges in your daily activity.

Add another set if you like your exercise a bit intense or your goal is to either lose weight or tone your body. Your body can quickly adapt to the basic movements of lunges when you make repetitive motions.

Pushups For At Home Workouts

Pushups are an essential foundation exercise for almost all workouts and one of the most difficult to perform. The effectiveness of pushups depends on using the correct form because it requires strength. To maximize the results of your pushups, you should start by getting into the proper position.

Make sure that your hands are sturdy on an even-level floor or ground. Align your hands in a slightly wider angle than your shoulders. Your feet should be in a comfortable position. Your hands can be touching for a more difficult pushup variation. Or, you can place them apart to have more stable control as you perform the exercise. Lastly, push your body up and down in a planking form as your starting position, then repeat.

For those trying to build their fitness plan, include planking as one of your foundation exercises. You can do this almost anywhere in your home. You can start doing it in a few sets, then begin progressing as you advance to a different level of your fitness plan.

Pushups enhance core muscles because it is more on strength training. It is beneficial for toning your upper body strength, particularly in the Triceps, Pectoral Muscles, And Shoulders.

Be sure to also check out our popular Dumbbell Chest Workout Without A Bench article for more unconventional strength training tips.

There are also other pushups such as wall pushups, elevated pushups, knee pushups, and regular pushups you can try on.

How To Do Squat Exercises For Home Workouts

To improve your core strength, flexibility, and lower body toning, you have to try incorporating squats into your daily workout routine. It is a popular exercise that targets the lower part of your body, such as, legs, back, and core.

Aside from keeping you active during the day, squats also help strengthen body muscles and are ideal for weight loss. They are great for improving overall health performance and fitness.

To properly perform squats without the risk of injuries, you have to correctly position both of your legs at a distance that slightly matches your shoulder width. Next, push your hips outward toward your backside while bending your knees and keeping your torso straight. The movement should be similar to the motions when you sit in a chair. Push back up and return to a standing position with your arms forward and legs locked and apart.

Different squats include wall squats, box squats, squat jumps, goblet squats, lateral squats, and many more to discover various kinds of goals and fitness levels.

Add Variety To Your At Home Workouts

Adding intensity to your workouts probably means that you have reached a more advanced set of exercises. Gradually adding more power and progressive movements to your goal and routines can be exciting yet frustrating, especially when you want to explore more exercises to perform and the levels of activity your body can endure.

Transitioning to intensified workouts starts with knowing your body’s limits and endurance. It is the time where you should listen more to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard or getting obsessive about working out. Set goals, stick to them, and be aware of your limits to assess your capabilities.

To spice up your workouts, you can include weights and other equipment for an added challenge, or you can add more sets or repetitions to your activity.

High-Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT) is a concept of advanced training because it has different types starting from a beginner level and progressing to an advanced level.

It also has different types of HIIT workouts that use handy equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells. It burns calories and improves cardio fitness. The workout has progressing intervals of work periods to push hard and focuses on the efforts and energy it releases every activity.

Changing the tempo or using equipment such as jumping ropes, dumbbells, TRX suspensions, and resistance bands are some of the many pieces of equipment you can use when you work out at home. They are handy, and they can help in adding variety to your daily workout routines.

However, to make it more exciting and challenging, there are other machines or wall-mounted equipment that you can use when you have a more extensive space area. You can use a pull-up bar, power wheel, ankle weights, exercise balls, and other equipment.

Two great options for home gyms are a rowing machine and a treadmill for cardio exercises. Both machines are very effective additions to a home gym. They can be used for a full-body activity at home and have multiple purposes, such as cardio exercises and strength training.

Spicing up your workout by having Indoor Rowing Machines, treadmill, power wheels, weight, dumbbells, and other equipment for activity can increase your performance level and maximize results.

To maximize your effort, be sure to stay on track with your dietary habits. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is to utilize quality supplements to ensure muscle gains.

Some of the most effective supplements to use, especially while working out at home are whey protein, BCAAs, and creatine.

Best Supplements To Use While Working Out At Home

Exercises is only one part of a successful health plan. You need a proper diet and muscle growth supplements, especially if you’re stepping up your workout regimen.  Or, you’re working hard but not seeing any results, using the right supplements can take you over the hump.

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Creatine Monohydrate Benefits

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Home Workout Exercise Summary

Having a plan is a great way to stay motivated to get fit. Plus, trying these fundamental and foundational exercises can lead to very effective workouts. Mix up your routine by changing the tempo according to your goals and fitness plan.

Also, be sure to practice proper form and to use any additional equipment properly. Both pieces of advice are essential to consider before performing or committing to any workout. Remember to always consult professionals before proceeding with extreme measures.

Do you want to learn more about the best supplements to use while strength training?  Check out the article,  6 Best Muscle Recovery Supplements For Growth & Strength.

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